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This is a collection of some of my photos that I have taken, mostly during my travel adventures.

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This is a collection of some of my adventures, that I have filmed and different videos.

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This is a collection of some of my travel journals and videos.

Tenerife (Spain) 2019

4Countries (AT, Li, De, Ch) 2019

Denmark (Legoland) 2019


Sweden (Sarek) 2018

Expedition (Utsidan)


Norway (Lofoten) 2018


Norway (Svalbard) 2017

Travel Journal

France 2017

Travel Journal

Turkey 2016

Travel Journal

Norway (Lofoten) 2014

Travel Journal

Iceland 2014

Travel Journal

Costa Rica 2012

Travel Journal

Faroe Islands 2011

Travel Journal

Adventure 6 2011

The crusie ship dream

Portugal 2011

Travel Journal

Norway 2010

Travel Journal

USA (New York) + Dominican Republic 2010

Travel Journal

Pico Duarte (Utsidan)

Morocco 2010

Travel Journal

Adventure 5 2010

The downhill skiing experince

India, Nepal, Tibet, China 2009

Travel Journal

Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia 2009

Travel Journal

Denmark 2009

Travel Journal

Expedition (Utsidan)

Adventure 4 2009

The kitesurfing learning experience

Adventure 3 2009

The pilot dream and the speed cat dream

Adventure 2  2008 Swedish

The Ecco House dream 

Adventure 1  2008 Swedish

The Cowboy Dream

Sweden, Finland, Norway 2009

Travel Journal

Expedition (Utsidan)

Cape Verde 2009

Travel Journal

Norway 2008

Travel Journal

Expedition (Utsidan)

Tunisia 2008 Swedish

Travel Journal


Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos; Vietnam, Singapore 2007 Swedish

Travel Journal


This is a brief collection of my earlier adventures.

Motorcycle 2009

I had a motorbike relapse and bought another roadracing bike, this time it was a smaller and newer model with a moden space age design.

Motorcycles 2006

I started to dream about my freedom machines at youth, so I thought why not try the two wheel dream again, so I bought a Yamaha TZR 125 cc, It was "Nice" as Borat says but driving with full gas all the time is not so good for the motor, so while my engine was down waiting for a cylinder bore, I thought maybe I should try some more horses under my sadle, so when I saw this Italian beauty I couldnt resist spending my last money on an Aprila RS 250 cc Roadracing machine, that was a totally new acceleration experience/:)

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe 2006

I was tired of studying so I took the opportunity to travel far away. (pdf)

Mountainbike 2006

I cant understand why I waited so long until I bought my first MTB with dual-suspension, there are only 3 rules when I am out, my mp3 player, no limits, full presence, with that comes the wondeful feeling of my own power, the excitement of the unknown and the bliss of being alive in the moment.

Azores 2006

Exploring the island of Azores with horse riding, whale & dolphin watching, jungle trekking, visiting a Maria chapel, bathing in waterfalls, tasting the local wine.

Thailand/Cambodia 2005

Visting the temple of Angkor wat, exploring the area with mountainbike, eating my first fried cricket, exploring the islands of koh samui, koh pha-ngan, and koh tao.  Trying to work out in the heat at Jungle Gym, visiting the hyped full moon party, riding motorbike on dangerous roads with tropical winds and rainfall, snorkelling corall reefs, climbing different hilltops. And last but not least exploring Bangkoks supermodern skytrain and subway.

Egypt 2003

Walking in the desert, combing the coastline for dolpins encounters, meditating in the Giza pyramid during a film shot session, riding camels till my ass was numb, smoking waterpipe, camping in a warm and cosy tent close to the redsea.

Sri Lanka 1995

Trekking through teaplantations, explorering the railroad tracks, looking for snorkelling spots and climbing the holy mountian Sri Pada also called Adams Peak.

India 1995

Looking for so called enligthed masters in orange robes, experiencing so called holy places, trying the monk life in different monastairies, seeking the blessing from different Mahatmas, doing the basic tasks in severel yogic traditions simultaneously, trying Ayurvedic treatment, experiencing my third NDE, enjoying the amzement of the Himalyan mountain, studying so called holy scriptures, meditated for the rest of my life ?, witnessed different miracles, tasted blissful consciousness in the lotus posture.

Motorcycle 1993

I felt the urge to try a heavy motorbike so I bought this so called two stroke monster Yamaha RD 350, but after trying it for a while I started to wonder what all the fuzz was about ?

Sailing 1992

The quest for paradise was so strong that me and my friend turned to real workaholics which later led to a ownership of our own sailingboat Allegro 27 with the groovy name Raggamuffin, we prepared for the around the world tour with courses, equipment and very little sailing skills, we where young, brave and inexperienced, unfortunately or fortunately we got to much rough experience with storms, loosing the anchor, loosing the rudder close to the outer archipelago of Stockholm, got lost on the sea chart thanks to a dysfunctional compass, got some motorfailure etc, but the worst thing was the need for 24 hour watch and the seasickness.

Rhodos 1991

Got to experience the climb of Acropolis, visited the butterfly valley and the seven water wells, tried som water sports like banana boat, devils rings and waterskiing, got sunburnt, tasted the nightlife and all its drama.

Thailand 1990

Oh my goddness experinced paradise according to my still quite naive eyes and the joy of exploring a new country before the real tourist invasion, just wanted to stay there or go home to create some more money to come back very soon.

Maldives 1989

I realized one thing here, there are basically two types of people going here, the honeymoners and the dive fanatics, sorry I forgot, there is one more minor group, the burned out germans, they just sit under the palmtrees with a pile of books behind them, I guess I was more into the watersport thing, doing some serious cocktail diving, taking my open water and advanced open water certificate here. I think my peak experince here was the nightdive, going in the water at sunset and experiencing the enigma of weightlesness in a rapid current along the reef, thinking that I was an Astronaut on a space mission.

Mallorca 1988

Just doing the basic stuff here, sun bathing, svimming, eating restaurant food, tasting some liquor at the factory and exploriung the Dragon caves in Portocristo, but I also got a not so good experience of the health care system here.

Spain 1985

Celebrating my grandmothers 80th birthday in Coin and also some visits to Marbella.

Yugoslavia 1983

Experiencing a very long bustrip to Zadar where we stayed with friends, interesting atmosphere and culture, but also some tension between mountain people and townspeople ? I mostly enjoyd the waterlife with my halfbrothers, snorkelling and eating a lot of watermelons.


This a collection of my writing from my core in Swedish.

This is a collection of all poetry I wrote on the website Swedish: Download (pdf)


This is a collection of some of my schoolwork and work, written mostly in Swedish.

Astrobiologi 7,5 hp, 2019 VT

Bergarter (pdf)

Artikelrecension (pdf)
Hemtenta (pdf)

Klassisk Astronomi 7,5 hp, 2017 HT

Observationsuppgift (pdf)

Planetsystemet: Exoplaneter (pdf)

Stjärnlabben: Rapport (pdf)

Verktyg: Stellarium, Ephemeris

Att jobba som Bemanningssjuksköterska

Bemanningssjuksköterska: en lat-hund eller en smidig-katt? (pdf)

Campus Varberg, Vindkraftsprojektör, 2010 HT - 2011 VT

Vindkraft och miljö 20:

Vindkraft ur ett hållbarhetsperspektiv (docx)

Presentation Sustainable(docx), Vindkraft och hållbar utveckling (pptx)

Presentation Sol-El (docx), Sol-El (pptx), Solceller (docx)

Miljöproblem (docx)

Hälsohögskolan Jönköping, Sjuksköterska, 2004 VT - 2007 VT

Nutrition1 5 p, Nutrition2 5 p

Community1 5 p, Community2 5 p (pptx), Community3 5 p English

KatastrofB3 5 p (pptx), KatastrofB4 5 p

KatastrofB1 5 p, KatastrofB2 5 p

Informatik1 5 p, Informatik2 5 p (mp4), Informatik3 5 p (pptx)

Hälsopsykologi 5 p

Arbetsliv1 5 p, Arbetsliv2 5 p, Arbetsliv3 5 p

Reflektion3 10 p, Reflektion4 10 p

Reflektion1 10 p, Reflektion2 10 p

ForskningsM4 10 p, ForskningsM5 10 p, ForskningsM6 10 p

ForskningsM1 10 p, ForskningsM2 10 p, ForskningsM3 10 p

Omvårdnad TG3 5 p (pptx) , Omvårdnad TG4 5 p

Omvårdnad TG1 5 p, Omvårdnad TG2 5 p

Hälsa&Livsstil1 5 p, Hälsa&Livsstil2 5 p

Etik1 5 p, Etik2 5 p

Gerontologi 5 p

Omvårdnad IGB4 10 p, Omvårdnad IGB5 10 p, Omvårdnad IGB6 10 p

Omvårdnad IGB1 10 p, Omvårdnad IGB2 10 p, Omvårdnad IGB3 10 p

Psykiska FH1 5 p, Psykiska FH2 5 p

Psykologi 5 p

Omvårdnad MT1 10 p, Omvårdnad MT2 10 p

Farmakologi 5 p

Patofyiologi 5 p

Komvux Halmstad, 2006 HT:

Biologi A (pdf), This is a fascinating work I did on whales and dolphins.