Lifeforce1 | Alternate news, views and clues

The primary purpose of this site is to create a better future on this planet.
The secondary purpose is to share my own creativity under the tab "Creativity".

Do you want to create a better future on this planet?
If so, it may be good to start with some questions.
Why is the planet in its present state? Who owns the planet? Who controls the planet (maybe there are several groups)? What are their intentions and are they good for humanity?
Here you can find some pieces to the bigger puzzle in your own pace.
The last and most important question is, what will you do about it?
(You are the solution you have been waiting for)

This is a collection of several web projects, they may seem diverse, but that mirrors the wholeness of me.

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What can you do to create a better future?
1 Educate yourself 2 Find new solutions 3 Make new choices 4 Create your life 5 Create your future 6 Contribute to our collective future
You can also focus on self-empowerment, self-reliance, self-sustenance, self-respect and self-love